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Guest Comments received by Tres Rios Lodge

February 2011

Dear John and Teresa: Now my wife and I know there really is a fly fishing heaven and we found it in Puerto Varas, Chile with the mentoring of one very special guide and his wife.

John and Teresa, Heidi and I had a very special 11 days staying with you at your bed and breakfast. Our room, the meals and the comradeship that both of you provided us made for a very pleasant stay. We truly felt at home. And it sure felt good when Odie came to the gate every evening to greet us. John, you are a special guide. Your enthusiasm for catching fish certainly shows and your patience and dedication to help someone who hasn't done much streamer fishing is certainly appreciated. What can I say about the two rivers you took us to other than they were some of the fishiest waters we've ever seen. And coming from Western Canada and fishing much of Montana we have seen a lot of good trout streams. You seem to have a knack for finding the fish and the right fly to make them come for dinner. Also we never felt short changed on any of the four days we fished with you; they were full 8-10 hour days on the water which doesn't happen with most guides these days.

April 9, 2010

Besides the fishing Heidi and I really enjoyed the shore lunches, the white water rafting and the great chats we had about everything and nothing. Heidi marvels, as do I, at your ability to row that raft through the exhilarating white water and then in an instant to position it along the bank to compensate for one's casting inabilities. We have traveled to many destinations and found the scenery along these two rivers to be some of the most spectacular we have ever seen. The contrast between the snow capped volcanoes and the sapphire blue, gin clear water of the Rio Petrohue was simply stunning. The Rio Maullin with all its dense jungle-like vegetation and wildlife made us feel like we were fly fishing on a jungle river.In a nut shell, we would recommend your bed and breakfast and guiding service to anyone and we hope to be back with some of our friends and relatives so they too can find fly fishing heaven.Thank you John and Teresa.Your new friends. Wayne $ Heidi Inkpen, Alberta Canada.

Dear John,
For many years the highlight of each year has been the days I have spent with you at Tres Rios Lodge and fishing on the Rio Petrohue. The latter is without doubt the prettiest river I have ever fished. Although we have always caught many nice sized browns, rainbows and salmon, the trip on the Petrohue is, by itself, most remarkable and so worth doing. It is very rare when one can cover the 20 miles of so of a river without seeing another fisherman or even a house. The journey through the white water and rain forests is something I always look forward to.

Nothing can match the scenery and fishing we enjoyed two years ago when we traveled by helicopter to lakes and streams in areas that are totally inaccessible by land. The vistas and fishing of southern Chile are without equal!
I have been negligent in not mentioning sooner the outstanding meals that your wife Teresa prepares. They and the outstanding wines of Chile are the perfect end to a day of fishing in Patagonia!

I am already looking forward to our next trip to Tres Rios Lodge.

Un abrazo,

Samuel Cabot III
103 Hart Street
Beverly Farms
MA 01915

John,We just wanted to send you and Teresa a note and tell you how much we enjoyed the time we spent with you. The cabin was wonderful, fishing was outstanding, and Teresa's cooking was beyond anything we could have imagined. You made us feel very much at home from the moment we arrived, and we hated to leave. We are planning a return trip for next year, with considerably more time allotted for staying with you. Also, I'm going to make a trip by Westbank Anglers in Dallas in the next two weeks and let them know who has the best combination of fishing and food in Chile.
Warmest regards,

Jack and Cindy Stephens

The Petrohue is rich and interesting river with a variety of fishable water. The fish are willing and in excellent condition. That plus the spectacular scenery will continue to bring me back on a regular basis. Jim Greene, President, Waterwisp, INc.

Dear John and Teresa:

Well, the week with you was the most pleasant Daria and I have spent in many years. What can I say but you two are the most accommodating hosts one could imagine! I went back to the web site reread it and damn if it isn't true. We enjoyed the children too. They are in our hearts like adopted grandchildren. Jerry Sapp, Chicago

John, once again I wanted you to know I had a superb time, including the fishing, the pisco sour after, and Teresa's food. Please let her know that in three days of being taken to Santiago's finest restaurants for both lunch and dinner, I did not have a single meal that competed with what she served.I would like your suggestion for dates for three days of fishing with you right in the middle of the best fishing , as I plan on coming back. Hope you are well. Steve Bandak

John, I loved the picture you sent me and it has made believers of many who thought that I was exaggerating a bit. We all had a great trip to the south and the weather in Las Torres de Paine was good; nevertheless, for me the highlight of the trip was landing that 18.5 lb salmon. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed time with you and Teresa. Saludos y abrazos, Sam

Hi John, We have just heard from Mr & Mrs T with regards to their recent trip. They had the most fantastic time and really loved their stay. Mr T was most complimentary and could not fault his stay in anyway. I think that he may contact you directly to thank you but also wanted us to pass on his comments. I understand that he may be thinking of arranging another visit, which would be fantastic. Once again thanks for all your help.

With regards, Louise

John,We had a great time in Chile and our stay at TresRios was the highlight of the trip. I'm a Chilean/Lake District evangelist. Basically anyone who will listen. . . I emphasized the natural beauty of the place, the fact that we didn't see any other people fishing, your knowledge and skills as a host and fishing guide, the great food and accommodations and the unique cataraft experience and the white water...

Richard Whittington

John,Great to hear from you and many thanks for the photo. I often think of gently (or roughly with regard to the top section) floating down the Petrohue, particularly when stressed - I find it calms me immediately. We had a truly great stay with you and the family its just a pity that it all seems so long ago. That afternoon hammering the Maullin banks with the mouse was such fun, and though we didn't get the monster, was perhaps some of the best fishing I have ever had. I'd love to know if the big fellow hiding along the wall has been sighted since Mike managed to draw him out.Our trout season started yesterday and as the clocks have just changed I popped out after work to our nearest lake and was rewarded with a 7 pound brownie! Not a patch on a wild Chilean fish but a good start none the less. Please send our love to Teresa and the kids and have a Pisco Sour on the porch for us.

Tight Lines Guy and Caroline
Park Avenue Productions

John: We all made it back in great shape. I was happy as I gained no weight even with the great meals. A testament to Teresa's skills with good, healthy food. Even with three bottles of wine at lunch. I trust you got the email pictures. Plse let me know how to send you land mail and I will get you some pictures for the book (and a wall hanger I think). With much thinking and talking I haven't been able to suggest any improvements.

George B.

John, Many thanks for an excellent 5 days fishing. I returned not only very satisfied with the catch (I never dreamt I would land a 20lb salmon on the fly) but also a better fisherman, thanks to your patience and attention. You have really beautiful rivers and a very comfortable lodge. Good luck for the future, and I will look for an opportunity to visit you again before I leave South America.

My best wishes to Teresa, Michelle, Lucas & Jeremy Paul S.

Dear John, Again I want to thank you for great days of fishing. We all had a wonderful time and I look forward to a repeat for next year. I am already making plans to return next year in March with some of my friends from the Peace Corps. The rest of our trip was also an outstanding success. The weather was perfect and my family are all in love with Chile and the people.

My best to you, Teresa and the family.
Saludos y abrazos,
Sam C.

Now Mr D. - you can put him firmly in the pro camp. He regards TresRios overall as the best fishing lodge he has visited - your hospitality, your fishing expertise, the comfort and the facilities, not to mention the food - they really loved every moment. I always now that the setting was perfect and now all of the other bits and pieces fall in to place. I wouldn't be surprised if you see him again. THANK YOU AND WELL DONE - they could not have presented a better advert for Roxtons. I have briefed the fishing dept and we are keen to have a lodge underwritten and guaranteed by one of our regulars.

Very best regards Richard Laker (booking agent in London

Dear John, Many thanks for your e-mail. I have gradually been developing a guilty conscience about not having been in touch since my return, and kept telling myself that I would write when I had drafted an article for you to look at. I still haven't done it, and I am still telling myself that I should. I have been dining out on the story of the king salmon ever since I got back, and several people... R. among them... have told me that I should write about it. It will always be one of my most memorable fishing experiences.


Dear John and Teresa, We thank you for taking the time to write and to include the wonderful recipes. ... Well, this letter is really to thank you for the fabulous hospitality at TresRios and the extremely professional fishing guide experience on the rivers. You were especially patient with our last minute decisions to hike and to leave for Valdivia. You were completely willing to accommodate us at our every wish. Needless to say, we had a fabulous time that will be in our memories for life. ... We indeed enjoyed ourselves and the opportunity to get to know you and your delightful family. You may be receiving a call from some of my flyfishing friends who wanted your address.

warmest greetings from switzerland; sigi

Dear John: After 19 hours from our last bottle of wine, I arrived starry eyed back to the reality of work and hot San Antonio weather. First thing I did was took the roll to be developed to make sure that the reality of our fishing was on film. I have picked up the photos and am please to inform you that they are great!! The fish we took are in living color!! And that King, man, it is big!!

I had a fantastic time. You are the best guide! Thanks for the pointers and especially your patience. I am sure I caused you great frustration watching me catch the same tree stump over and over again, not to mention trashing the sinking line on the first cast on the first day!!; Anyway, the out come of the trip was unbeatable!! Your family were the most hospitable, the food was great, but the time spent with you on the river, are times one will remember the rest of ones life. Thanks again for that. As mentioned, I will be coming back to see you in November. Once the dates are planned I will let you know.

If you need anything. Give Michelle a big kiss from me. Tomas Jones